White label web builds.

Inclusions in all standard builds.

I use Elementor Pro exclusively, but am open to using you or the client’s preferences on all other plugins.

  • Header + footer: across site.
  • Device optimisation: website optimised and checked for tablet and mobile devices – emphasis on mobile.
  • Site security setup: use of strong password and password management, Wordfence free.
  • Two revision rounds: revision one includes layout and design aspects. Revision two includes text, image swaps and errors only.
  • Basic DNS, domain and hosting management: if required and where given necessary account access. Complicated or time-consuming setups may incur an extra charge. 
  • Site structure: planned URL structure and page linking, application may depend on supplied design.
  • Accessibility: Still learning and implementing more as I go, but accessible design is important to me and I will make suggestions where I see potential issues.
  • Headings hierarchy: double-checked for every page.
  • Focus keywords and meta descriptions: set using Rankmath free – these will be added regardless of whether they are provided.
  • Site load speed: I use as few plugins as possible, while taking consideration for user experience. I will adjust PHP limits where applicable and can make suggestions for hosting allowances.
  • Image alt text: added to all relevant images – I operate under the framework that images that are solely for decoration should not contain alt text, I am open to discussing preferences.
  • Image resizing and compression: to ensure the smallest data size possible with optimal viewing.

SMTP ensures notification emails get from the website to the desired inbox. This includes important things like contact form submissions, password resets and security alerts.
Setup for SMPT depends on preferences and email host.

  • Site indexed: Google Search Console
  • Sitemap submitted: Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics: account created and site setup for data collection
  • Recaptcha: Google Recaptcha created and applied to all forms

A little about me, Kate.

I have been seriously building WordPress websites for the past 3-4 years, mainly for Wild Honey Creative where Jasmine and I have worked in different arrangements over the years. We still work together and share an office space in Northern NSW.

I am working on my CSS and Accessibility skills.

I am pretty good with the real nerd stuff – backend server things, DNS, email hosting and setup (basic only), general troubleshooting.

I have a background in graphic design, but Bachelor degrees in Three Dimensional (Product) Design and  Fine Art, as well as an ancient Diploma in Multimedia.

Get in touch.

You can get me at hey@heyfriend.com.au and we can arrange a phonecall from there☺


WordPress website – 4 page – simple to medium complexity design. $1,500
WordPress website – 6 page + simple blog – simple to medium complexity design. $2,000
Additional page: up to 6 sections. $100
Additional page: 8 – 10 sections – build only. $150
Blog addition – simple. $200
Blog addition – complex – up to 3 blog types to display separately. $400
Additional custom post type on existing blog. $100
Simple: 20 products. $500
Variable/complex: 20 products. $600
Email setup / support. $50/hour
Premium or additional plugins. POA

White label folio.

During my time as an employee and/or contractor with Wild Honey Creative, I have had the privilege of bringing their stunning website designs to life. All of the following websites were planned and designed by Wild Honey Creative with build, functionality and technical behind-the-scenes work completed by me.