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I know you want to know about how I’m sleeping.

Well there’s no consistent answer to that, but am onto the best podcast to help do it.

Sleep With Me!

Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast if I can’t sleep and sometimes it helps me fall asleep, but if it’s in any way interesting that doesn’t work. Great that I’ve got an hour of not stressing thatI’m not asleep, bad that I’m definitely still awake. How can I know if a podcast will be boring enough ? I CAN’T! Unless I listen to Sleep With Me which is the most boring podcast ever! And I save on pesky downloading because I can listen to the same episode over and over, cause I never make it through. 

Also the guy kinda sounds like Owen Wilson so I can just imagine that nose hypnotising me into dream-town, so good.

Maybe this is just a podcast blog now.