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Communication is hard.
We all have different ways of doing it and understanding it. And don’t always even have the vocabulary for the things we want to say, especially if we’re going into someone else’s world. A lot can get lost in translation.
So if you are trying to tell me how to create something for you – do it with pictures!

The easiest way, that I know, of putting together visual inspiration is using Pinterest.

Create an account, create a ‘board’ and start saving pics that speak to you and what you want your brand to look like.
Even if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, your preferences will become clear over time as you choose images that have similarities.

Here is an example board I made of inspiration for My Imaginary Skincare Brand .
Some of the things I searched: homemade skincare, jars, simple labels, simple packaging, hand drawn logos, eucalyptus.
You’re just creating a feeling, so the pics can be of anything; the type of customer you want, the type of room you imagine your product in, the tropical beach you will be transported to by the smell of your product.
If you’ve got absolutely no idea, start by searching “artwork” or “design” and see what grabs you. Try words related to your business or other brands that you know you like the look of.

When I see your collection, I’ll be able to see what you like and this ought to lead to a better outcome.

It’s also a pretty fun thing to do…especially with imaginary brands it turns out. Gonna go design my fake restaurant that just sells macaroni cheese, vodka sodas and fruit based cakes now, it’s called We Only Have One Customer.