I’m sure I’ve done heaps of scary things in my life. Just recently: I moved thousands of kms to live in a tent for an indefinite amount of time, last weekend I walked up to a guy and told him he was a dickhead for throwing chips very close to people so that they would be swarmed by seagulls, this morning I drove through two flooded creeks so that I could get to my office and do the thing that is scaring me more than I can recall anything scaring me before. Launching this freaking business.
I’m bloody terrified. I bet I could think of 100 reasons right now, why it would be better to just forget it and go get a job working for someone else. But nah, I’m going to do the thing that all those cheesy, rich, attractive, popular, meme-makers know about, let myself try and fail instead of freaking out and giving up. It’s only one small step in the scheme of things, one giant leap for this anxiety-ridden, talent-doubting, tent-living, adult woman.

Here goes.