these questions may or may not have been frequently asked, but I certainly would like to get on the front foot with them

Short answer: NO

NOPE. I do have a background as a graphic designer and you may know someone who I have created a logo for, but the truth is I do not enjoy the process and so no longer offer this service.
I am open to discussion around enhancing a logo that you already have, offering advice or pointing you in the right direction where I can.

Exceptions: adding your pixel to your site, where ‘meta’ is in reference to your sense of humour.

Short answer: DEPENDS

90% no. You will need to provide login details for me to assess the site before I can give you an answer. As all website developers build their sites differently I might have no idea what’s going on in your site or no problem – let’s find out.

Maybe. Email can be complicated, boring and potentially stressful. It is certainly not my wheelhouse, but I do know a thing or two, so it DEPENDS on what you are after or your current setup.

Short answer: YES

No problemo friend! As long as you can create for me or hand over all of your access details. Hell, I can even help you track those down if you bought your domain 10 years ago and don’t know who daddy or where daddy.