It’s just me Kate McGain, here at Hey Friend.

About my work
When it comes down to it, my fave thing is finding the balance between realness and professionalism. I love drawing and I love a hand-sketched style, but that isn't always the best fit for a business. There's always a way though! Ima find it!
I'm a combo of artist and geek. In the past I viewed these as opposing talents, but am now determined to make the most of both and get them to work together. So I can build a website and make it neat and user-friendly, but also full of personality.

A brief life story that only includes good bits.
My Mum is from New York state and my Dad has been completely blind since just before I was born.
I grew up in Kyogle in Northern NSW. I left as soon as I could.
I did a Diploma of Multimedia at TAFE on the Gold Coast and would rather not talk about any other part of living there.
I moved to Brisbane while studying Design at Griffith Uni.
I worked in bars in West End and joined a soccer team and then played roller derby for 5 years - La Mort Rouge, SSRG.
I finished uni and worked as a graphic designer all over town.
I got married and went travelling in Asia and Central America for 3 months. I love Mexico a whole lot.
We moved to Melbourne and I did a Fine Art degree at VCA.
Eggs-dog, came to live with us. He's a good boy.
I worked in a green grocer at the Prahan Market. I love plums so much.
We moved to Kyogle to build a house and not have kids. My husband is a writer.
I started the NEIS scheme because jobs are not abundant here and...all this talent going to waste.
We lived in a camper trailer for 8 months.
We live in a cabin now.
Our house is a work in progress.

I listen to podcasts constantly, go to the gym a fair bit, love food too much, always interested in the psychological side, drink tea not coffee, love pop-music and rock n roll, try not to listen to sad songs anymore, recently developed an interest in historical fiction, but if I could only choose one author to read for the rest of my life it would be Lucia Berlin. And I love Rupaul's Drag Race (Season 4 4eva). I'm a Western Bulldogs fan and kinda cried when I went to the first AFLW game. Oh and laughing is the most important thing to me in the world.